EiE Teacher Tip: Our How-To Videos Make Lesson Prep a Breeze!

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/29/16 11:00 AM

How-To Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth even more, when it saves you time and energy! That’s why Engineering is Elementary offers “How-To Videos”—short segments you can stream from our website. Each video walks you through some lesson prep for the unit you’ll be teaching.

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Guest Post: Kindergarten Design Workshop is EiE-Inspired!

Posted by Melanie Flores on 9/27/16 11:00 AM

What happens when you direct the energy and imagination of a kindergartener into the engineering design process? That’s the question my colleagues and I set out to answer last year at Kingsley Montessori School in Boston when we decided to develop a Kindergarten Engineering Design Workshop. One source of inspiration was the Engineering is Elementary curriculum.

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New from EiE Online PD: Effective Questioning Strategies for the Engineering Classroom

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/22/16 11:00 AM

So you’re teaching engineering to your elementary students. And today they’re designing a technology—perhaps a solar oven or a water filter. One group comes up with an unusually
A teacher examines a windmill
What can you say when a windmill doesn’t work?
creative design . . . but it doesn’t quite work as expected. Now what?

For maximum learning impact, you want to be ready with prompts that help your students do their own problem solving. In other words, you need effective questioning strategies! You can learn more about these strategies when you attend a new interactive online learning session from Engineering is Elementary, scheduled for October 13, 2016.

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When You’ve Got a Good Thing, Stick With It: 10 Years of EiE

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/20/16 11:00 AM

Hartselle City Schools Logo
Kids have been engineering hand pollinators at Barkley Bridge since 2007!

Last year, the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) selected the Engineering is Elementary curriculum as part an ambitious program to improve STEM education statewide. So now many Alabama elementary teachers are getting their first exposure to classroom engineering. But for Wendy Goss and John Mark at Barkley Bridge Elementary in Hartselle, AL, engineering is nothing new: They’ve been teaching EiE for almost 10 years. (We don’t know for sure, but we think this may be a record!)

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Engineering Rockets and Rovers? Extend Your Kids' Learning—and Fun!

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/15/16 11:00 AM

Liftoff Cover

Teachers tell us that their students sometimes get so inspired by an engineering design challenge, they want to do MORE than the lessons call for. This is a good problem to have! Here’s a plan to extend STEM learning when you teach Liftoff: Engineering Rockets and Rovers, a popular unit from Engineering Adventures, the EiE curriculum for elementary out-of-school time programs.  

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In Iowa, Classroom Engineering Reflects the Real World

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/13/16 11:00 AM

Iowa classroom engineering with Burke Swenson
Burke Swenson (r) in his Iowa STEM lab.

When Iowa STEM instructor Burke Swenson breaks out the Engineering is Elementary unit Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills, he has no trouble making connections between the engineering design challenge his middle school students are about to tackle and their real-life experiences. “The state of Iowa has more wind turbines per capita than anywhere else,” he says. “Go down the interstate an hour, and you’re at a wind farm.”

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New Webinar Explores How Students Develop “Engineering Habits of Mind”

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/8/16 11:00 AM

Parachutes video
Short videos of young engineers in action will be a highlight of this elementary webinar.

You’re invited! On Thursday, Sept. 29th at 4:00 EDT, Engineering is Elementary will offer a webinar for elementary educators who are integrating engineering in their classrooms. “Fostering Engineering Habits of Mind—Encouraging Elementary Students to Think like Engineers” is a one-hour interactive session where you’ll learn about the positive habits of thinking and learning that your students develop when they engineer.


You don’t need to be an EiE teacher to benefit from the session! Whether you’re a classroom teacher who is new to teaching engineering, a teacher who already makes engineering part of the school day, or a STEM coordinator who supports and coaches elementary teachers, you’ll come away with new teaching insights.

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For New York Students, Summer in the City includes Hands-on Engineering

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/6/16 11:00 AM

2016.09.08_STEM_Summer_in_the_City.pngWhat did you do on your summer vacation? For some of the New York City students who will go back to school later this week, the answer is, “engineering!”

For the first time ever, hands-on engineering was part of the city’s summer school programs. Thousands of students boosted their STEM skills (and their understanding of what it’s like to be an engineer) by learning with Engineering is Elementary’s out-of-school-time (OST) curricula Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere.

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Are Students Learning? Find Out with EiE Assessment Tools

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 9/1/16 11:00 AM

Students engineering alarm circuits
Measure learning progress with research-tested assessments.

Every Thursday on the EiE blog we share resources and tips to help you teach your best!

If you’re teaching the Engineering is Elementary curriculum for the first time, maybe you’re wondering how to assess student learning. Engineering assessments ARE a bit different from the ones you use for math or ELA. For your convenience, there’s a whole suite of ready-to-use, research-tested assessment tools available for the EiE curriculum. These tools include:

  • Lesson-Specific Rubrics
  • Lesson-Specific Assessments
  • General Assessments
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Got PD? New Jersey Center is the Newest EiE Professional Development Collaborator

Posted by Cynthia Berger on 8/30/16 11:00 AM

CIESE_logo.pngWe want you to have access to great EiE PD wherever you teach. That’s why we’re building a national network of professional development providers. This month, we’re pleased to welcome our newest professional development collaborator: the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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