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EiE Resources for Teachers | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Pride in STEM | Thursday, June 1

Happy Pride Month!

As STEM educators, we have an important role to play in promoting diversity and highlighting the contributions of marginalized communities. This Pride month, we’re thrilled to highlight the PRIDE in STEM movement, aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math by highlighting the many contributions of the LGBTQ+ community.

EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | Classroom Organization | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Computer Science | Virtual Learning | Wednesday, May 24

How Computer Science Learning Today Prepares Students for the 21st Century

Learners who are ready to make advancements that will shape the rest of the century and beyond tend to be excited by flexible, open-ended, project-based, real-world learning situations. These types of problem-solving opportunities not only teach content skills, but instill curiosity, which is fundamental to lifelong learning, and help to develop communication and teamwork skills — as well as the freedom and responsibility that comes from taking charge of their own learning.

Out-of-School time | EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | EiE Teaching Tips | EiE Research Results | Implementing EiE | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | EiE Families | Thursday, May 18

Unlocking STEM Potential: Empowering Families in Learning

Want to maximize in-school STEM learning? Find ways to make science, engineering and math lessons part of your students’ out-of-school routine. From increased attendance and graduation rates to more opportunities to develop social and emotional learning skills, the research is clear: incorporating learning time with out-of-school and family time is a sure way to set your learners up for success.

EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | EiE Teaching Tips | Pre-K | Early Engineering | Kindergarten | EiE for Kindergarten | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Wednesday, April 26

What Does Engineering Look Like in Early Childhood

In Pre-K education through the first years of elementary school, engineering skills may not be top of mind for parents or educators, but a solid foundation of problem-solving practice familiarity with the engineering design process will serve learners long beyond their early learning years. Though engineering in the early years looks different than the experiments and calculations students learn later in their education, hands-on learning for young kids builds on the same skills! 

EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | EiE Teaching Tips | STEM Implementation | Climate Change | Earth Day | Environmental Education Week | Wednesday, April 19

Engaging Students in Climate Science Learning

Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day or Environmental Education Week or just trying to find new ways to get students interested in learning about climate science and climate change, EiE has the resources you need. Engaging lessons are key to building real-world connections and developing concrete understanding to build on for years to come. You can engage your students in climate learning and get them thinking about solutions by:

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