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EiE Resources for Teachers | Engineering Everywhere | Engineering Adventures | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Computer Science | Essentials | Learn.EiE | Thursday, April 7

Resources for Robotics Week!

April 4th - 10th is National Robotics Week, dedicated to celebrating the incredible technologies that improve our lives. Some of the most popular robots are vacuum cleaners and kitchen gadgets, but we also have robots which are used to cut the lawn, clean the bottom of the pool and help our doctors save lives! 

Engineering Habits of Mind | EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | Implementing EiE | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | STEM Implementation | Social Emotional Learning | Thursday, March 10

How Can YOU Support SEL Learning?

March 11th is  #SELDay! During this international day of building bonds and re-imagining the skills taught by learning communities, we are excited to share how EiE® supports social emotional learning and how YOU can support the social and emotional lives of your learners, too!

EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | Engineering Everywhere | Afterschool/Summer Camp | Early Engineering | Engineering Adventures | Tuesday, March 8

Engage Students in Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer learning! Our flexible out-of-school time STEM programs feature immersive, open-ended challenges so students can build confidence and engineering skills anywhere, anytime!

EiE Resources for Teachers | Profiles | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | STEM Implementation | Virtual Learning | Women's History Month | Tuesday, March 1

Celebrate Women’s History Month with EiE!

Happy Women’s History Month! This month, we’re excited to honor the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society, especially to the fields of science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science. We are thrilled to highlight the accomplishments of those who led the way for others in their respective fields and to provide the following list of resources for learners and professionals interested in supporting women in STEM, and celebrating Women’s History month all month long.

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