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Engineering and English Language Arts | Early Childhood STEM Education | Engineering for All | EiE for Families | Monday, October 5

What We're Watching - and Reading! This Latinx Heritage Month

For Latinx Heritage Month, we’ve put together a list of our favorite books and movies that highlight stories of people from Latin American countries - from Mexico to Argentina, and beyond. There are so many important stories to be told this month, so here are our family favorites that feature education and STEM-specific themes:

Engineering and English Language Arts | Engineering for All | Thursday, December 6

Have you taught engineering to English Learners?

The EiE team is committed to making engineering accessible to all students, including the fastest-growing student population in the U.S. in the last decade—English Learners. It’s why we offer Spanish translations of storybooks, family letters, and student handouts for every unit of Engineering is Elementary! We're interested in understanding the experiences of educators who teach engineering to groups that include English learners. If you teach, or have taught, engineering to English learners, we would love to hear from you. We value your insights!

Engineering and English Language Arts | Thursday, August 18

Reading and Engineering—the Perfect Pair

Classroom engineering can help meet your goals for ELA instruction!

Reading is a clear priority in elementary classrooms across the nation. The average
K- 3 elementary student gets nearly an hour and a half of reading/language arts instruction each day, according to the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education. Science and engineering instruction are a much smaller part of the school day in most schools. But here at EiE, we’ve found that reading and engineering are natural partners.

Engineering and English Language Arts | Tuesday, May 31

Classroom Engineering Engages Kids in Hands-on Learning

2016.01.26__Evaluating_a_Knee_Brace_EiE.jpgThink back to when you were in elementary school. What do you remember most vividly? Was it listening to a lecture, watching a demonstration, or filling out a worksheet?  Probably not! Personally, I’ll always remember the time in fourth grade when I installed a light bulb in a cardboard box to make an incubator and hatched baby chicks for the school science fair.

EiE Resources for Teachers | Engineering and English Language Arts | EiE Teaching Tips | Thursday, May 19

Support ELA Instruction with EiE Storybook Illustrations

Every Thursday on the blog we bring you teaching tips or news about resources you can use in your classroom

Every Engineering is Elementary (EiE) unit starts with a storybook that sets the context for the hands-on engineering design challenge. You can show the pictures to your students the conventional way, by holding up the book for everyone to see . . . but you can also download storybook illustrations from our website and project them on a screen or SmartBoard. Beyond the convenience of this approach, storybook illustrations are a terrific teaching tool for English Language Arts, and especially for the English Language Learners in your class.

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