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Engineering and English Language Arts | EiE Teaching Tips | Engineering for All | Early Engineering | Engineering is Elementary | Virtual Learning | Tuesday, January 18

Elevating STEM Learning through Read Alouds

Using storybooks to support standards-based STEM lessons is essential for cross-curricular learning in elementary grades - and engaging pictures and fun characters are a great way to connect with students. While these books can be used for independent and group activities, reading the stories aloud elevates STEM learning to the next level.

Engineering and English Language Arts | EiE Teaching Tips | Engineering is Elementary | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Black History Month | Monday, February 22

What You Need to Know for Engineering Week 2021: Imagining Tomorrow!

Engineering Week starts today! The National Society of Professional Engineers established this national celebration in 1951 to recognize contributions made by engineers and the impacts they have made on all of our lives, from the earliest inventors to our most modern innovators. Engineering Week always falls during the week of February 22nd, the birthday of President George Washington, who is considered our nation’s first engineer.

Engineering and English Language Arts | Early Childhood STEM Education | Engineering for All | EiE for Families | Monday, October 5

What We're Watching - and Reading! This Latinx Heritage Month

For Latinx Heritage Month, we’ve put together a list of our favorite books and movies that highlight stories of people from Latin American countries - from Mexico to Argentina, and beyond. There are so many important stories to be told this month, so here are our family favorites that feature education and STEM-specific themes:

Engineering and English Language Arts | Engineering for All | Thursday, December 6

Have you taught engineering to English Learners?

The EiE team is committed to making engineering accessible to all students, including the fastest-growing student population in the U.S. in the last decade—English Learners. It’s why we offer Spanish translations of storybooks, family letters, and student handouts for every unit of Engineering is Elementary! We're interested in understanding the experiences of educators who teach engineering to groups that include English learners. If you teach, or have taught, engineering to English learners, we would love to hear from you. We value your insights!

Engineering and English Language Arts | Thursday, August 18

Reading and Engineering—the Perfect Pair

Classroom engineering can help meet your goals for ELA instruction!

Reading is a clear priority in elementary classrooms across the nation. The average
K- 3 elementary student gets nearly an hour and a half of reading/language arts instruction each day, according to the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education. Science and engineering instruction are a much smaller part of the school day in most schools. But here at EiE, we’ve found that reading and engineering are natural partners.

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