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Celebrate Mass STEM Week 2023 with EiE!

We are thrilled to support Massachusetts STEM Week again with a free engineering design challenge to bring engineering to students everywhere! Massachusetts STEM Week 2023 takes place October 16-20 and is organized by the Executive Office of Education and the STEM Advisory Council in partnership with the state’s nine Regional STEM Networks.

Early Childhood STEM Education | Classroom Organization | Profiles | Professional Development | Funding | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | STEM Implementation | EiE Partnership | Wednesday, June 21

Another Successful Year through Partnerships

For years EiE®, Museum of Science, Boston has been partnering with National Grid to make an important impact in the lives of thousands of students and educators across the country. Through this partnership we’ve been able to provide world-class professional development to educators and distribute free engineering and computer science activities to make an impact in the classroom. 

EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | EiE Teaching Tips | STEM Implementation | Climate Change | Earth Day | Environmental Education Week | Wednesday, April 19

Engaging Students in Climate Science Learning

Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day or Environmental Education Week or just trying to find new ways to get students interested in learning about climate science and climate change, EiE has the resources you need. Engaging lessons are key to building real-world connections and developing concrete understanding to build on for years to come. You can engage your students in climate learning and get them thinking about solutions by:

Out-of-School time | EiE Resources for Teachers | Early Childhood STEM Education | EiE Teaching Tips | Engineering for All | Afterschool/Summer Camp | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | STEM Implementation | Summer Learning | Wednesday, April 5

Benefits of Summer STEM Learning

Summer is right around the corner! While summer is an important time for rest and rejuvenation, it’s also an incredible opportunity for students to explore new interests and expand their knowledge base. For STEM learning, this can be an opportunity for struggling learners to build confidence and confident learners to discover new passions.

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