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EiE Resources for Teachers | Preservice Teachers | Thursday, June 11

EiE Videos Let Preservice Teachers See Exemplary STEM Teaching

Engineering is Elementary has a large online library of Classroom Videos—nearly 200 in all.

These ~10-minute videos are intended to be a resource for elementary teachers who use the EiE curriculum. But they’re also a useful resource for college educators who work with preservice teachers.

Preservice Teachers | Tuesday, June 9

Preservice Teachers Ditch Their “Science Baggage” with Hands-on Engineering

Elementary teachers have to be ready to teach lots of different subjects, including science and (with the growing influence of the Next Generation Science Standards) engineering. 

But most preservice elementary teachers take only a few science courses—and rarely any engineering. “Many students come to me with what I call ‘science baggage,’” says Leanne Avery, a science education professor at the State University of New York College at Oneonta. “They’re fearful of science. And if you mention engineering, they’re ready to run out the door!”

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