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Creating the Next Generation of Problem Solvers: Announcing our partnership with LabXchange!

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with LabXchange to empower students and educators everywhere to discover their inner engineer! Educators can now incorporate a sampling of EiE’s research-based, hands-on engineering curricula and family resources into customized online learning experiences on LabXchange, a free online learning platform created at Harvard University with support from the Amgen Foundation. 

Engineering for All | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Engineering Activities | STEM Implementation | Virtual Learning | Museum of Science | MOS at School | Climate Change | Thursday, February 24

Climate Change and You

Are you looking for resources to engage your students in the conversation about climate change? EiE® and the Museum of Science have partnered with leaders in industry, academia, and government to serve our community as a platform for public science learning. We’re proud to introduce all-new resources to help you and your students join the conversation about climate change, how the climate impacts us, and how we can best interact with our changing world. 

Out-of-School time | Profiles | Implementing EiE | Engineering for All | Engineering in Elementary STEM Education | Engineering Everywhere | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | STEM Implementation | Museum of Science | Thursday, February 17

Try It! Kits for the Students of Malden

At Salemwood School in Malden, Massachusetts, yesterday, Ms. Sarah Augustyniak’s first grade class was excited to learn how Mariana Becomes a Butterfly! Thanks to the generosity of National Grid and support from the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation, thousands of students in Malden now have access to EiE® Try It! Kits and storybooks. These resources provide hands-on science and engineering experience to encourage STEM learning outside of the classroom.

Engineering Everywhere | Museum of Science | Thursday, November 25

This Year — And Every Year — We’re Grateful For...

As we approach year end, we at EiE and the Museum of Science are reflecting on 2021. While we continue to adapt to the wide-reaching impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, we are touched by the ways our community provided for one another and continued to innovate this year. 

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