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Computer Science | Tuesday, September 8

Computer Science and Coding: Keeping Students Safe Online

As we’re spending more and more time online with our learners, we know this increased use of technology can be a double edged sword. We want to encourage a natural curiosity for computers and maintain boundaries for our learners, which is key for their development. 

Computer Science | Tuesday, September 1

Teaching Early Learners the Science Behind Computer Science

Computer Science is everywhere and rapidly changing the way we interact with each other and the world around us. As STEM educators, we know there can be thousands of ways we interact with Computer Science every day -- our task is to show our learners how they can, too! 

Engineering is Elementary | Computer Science | Thursday, August 1

Pilot Testers Wanted for New Computer Science and Engineering Units!

To develop the 21st century skills all learners need to succeed in school and life, we must foster digital literacy and computational thinking skills. That’s why we’re expanding students’ STEM knowledge with brand new computer science units, designed to integrate with existing Engineering is Elementary units. To ensure that these units will work for all learners, we’re seeking elementary educators who are interested in pilot testing them in their own classrooms. In exchange for your feedback, materials and a stipend will be provided.

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