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Another Successful Year through Partnerships

Posted by EiE Team on Wednesday, June 21, 2023

For years EiE®, Museum of Science, Boston has been partnering with National Grid to make an important impact in the lives of thousands of students and educators across the country. Through this partnership we’ve been able to provide world-class professional development to educators and distribute free engineering and computer science activities to make an impact in the classroom. 

This past year alone, our partnership with National Grid supported a free give away of our Here Comes the Sun: Engineering Insulated Homes unit in February, which was distributed to over 25 classrooms across the state of Massachusetts. 

Relevant to National Grid’s drive to energy efficiency, this unit dives into the engineering fields of thermal insulation, insulation engineering, energy efficiency, home construction, home heating, and more. Students are challenged to identify and use green engineering skills to insulate a model home and identify the best materials to work with for various environmental factors. 

To support the implementation of these units in the classroom, EiE Professional Development manager Lorri Coates hosted a virtual training webinar for recipient educators to help them maximize the effective use of the materials, and successfully implement the unit with their students. When asked about the training and the unit, one teacher said “I think these [curricula] are amazing. I love how they walk the students through the steps with plenty of multimedia resources and plenty of opportunities to make sense of the activities.” 

Join us in thanking National Grid for their ongoing support and commitment to high-quality STEM education for students everywhere. Check out more National Grid and other partner-funded projects on our blog here. 

Written by EiE Team

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