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EiE Resources for Teachers | Engineering for All | Digital Storybooks | EiE for Families | Thursday, September 17

Celebrate National iSTEM Day with us at Museum of Science, Boston!

September 18 is National iSTEM Day! The new holiday, launched last year by our friends at the STEM Leadership Alliance, is a celebration of the advancement of STEM learning. 

Computer Science | Tuesday, September 8

Computer Science and Coding: Keeping Students Safe Online

As we’re spending more and more time online with our learners, we know this increased use of technology can be a double edged sword. We want to encourage a natural curiosity for computers and maintain boundaries for our learners, which is key for their development. 

EiE Teaching Tips | Wee Engineer | Kindergarten | Friday, September 4

Remote Learning Tips for Pre-K and Kindergarten Classrooms

In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, educators, families and students of all ages are managing the sudden shift to distance learning. As schools and districts start holding classes, we thought it would be good to share tips for remote learning and find tools to help everyone succeed.

Computer Science | Tuesday, September 1

Teaching Early Learners the Science Behind Computer Science

Computer Science is everywhere and rapidly changing the way we interact with each other and the world around us. As STEM educators, we know there can be thousands of ways we interact with Computer Science every day -- our task is to show our learners how they can, too! 

EiE Research Results | Virtual Learning | Friday, August 28

Teaching and Learning in COVID Times: Survey Results

In May, the EiE Research Team launched a comprehensive survey to over 9,000 parents and educators across the country. Our goal was to better understand how teaching and learning have been impacted so that we can respond with high quality STEM resources that meet the unique needs of this moment.

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