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Computer Science | Virtual Learning | EiE for Families | Tuesday, September 29

How to Bring Computer Science and Coding Home

With Computer Science now a regular part of our everyday life, we’re seeing more and more resources for learners of all ages to begin learning CS and code basics from home. 

Engineering for All | Engineering is Elementary | Thursday, September 24

Happy Latinx Heritage Month!

We’re excited to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month! From now until October 15, we will be highlighting the incredible culture of Latin America with a focus on STEM innovations and achievements from these 20 nations. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

EiE Resources for Teachers | EiE Teaching Tips | STEM Implementation | Computer Science | Tuesday, September 22

How Familiar Are You with Your State's Computer Science Standards?

As computer technology has surged in the last decade, educators realize the importance of teaching computer science. Since 2016, 35 states have implemented Computer Science standards for their educators and 5 more are in the process of implementing standards.

EiE Resources for Teachers | Engineering for All | Digital Storybooks | EiE for Families | Thursday, September 17

Celebrate National iSTEM Day with us at Museum of Science, Boston!

September 18 is National iSTEM Day! The new holiday, launched last year by our friends at the STEM Leadership Alliance, is a celebration of the advancement of STEM learning. 

Computer Science | Tuesday, September 8

Computer Science and Coding: Keeping Students Safe Online

As we’re spending more and more time online with our learners, we know this increased use of technology can be a double edged sword. We want to encourage a natural curiosity for computers and maintain boundaries for our learners, which is key for their development. 

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