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Engineering Everywhere | Engineering Adventures | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Tuesday, July 20

Celebrate the Moon Landing Anniversary with Activities by NASA!

July 20, 1969 was One Giant Leap for Mankind! Now, 52 years later, we are celebrating the anniversary of the moon landing with activities brought to you by NASA.

Engineering Habits of Mind | Early Childhood STEM Education | Engineering Design Process | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Thursday, July 15

3 Ways We Use the Engineering Design Process Everyday

The Engineering Design Process was designed with elementary engineers in mind, but did you know it's useful outside the STEM classroom? When used as a problem-solving tool, the EDP process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve can be used for just about any question your learners come across!

Early Childhood STEM Education | Professional Development | Online PD | Computer Science | Tuesday, July 13

Professional Development Resources for Summer

This summer, if you’re looking for professional development resources or continuing education courses, we know you’re searching for new resources that will help you bring more value to your classroom — not just repeat the same concepts you’ve already mastered.

museum of science | Wednesday, July 7

Engineering Equity: A Look at the Statistics

A recent study by The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities showed us a snapshot of diversity across engineering education and a glimpse of where we’ve improved in promoting racial and gender equity — and where we have work to do.

museum of science | Friday, July 2

Real-World Connections: The Science of Fireworks!

As the 4th of July holiday rolls near and we prepare for firework shows across the country, curious minds everywhere have an opportunity to make a scientific connection to the lights in the sky! Did you know fireworks are a prime example of thermodynamics, chemistry and math? It takes a lot of STEM lessons to make those pyrotechnic shows come to life!

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