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EiE Resources for Teachers | Engineering is Elementary | EiE for Kindergarten | Engineering Adventures | Engineering Everywhere | Engineering for All | Wee Engineer | Thursday, August 23

Test Your Engineering IQ!

How much do you know about engineering? Could you spot common misconceptions and identify unlikely engineers? 

One of the most pervasive misconceptions is that engineering is too complicated for young children to find engaging. But did you know that 65% of surveyed scientists and graduate students reported that their interest in STEM began before middle school? It’s time to break stereotypes. Challenge those misconceptions. 

 Take our “Engineering IQ” quiz and find out your engineering IQ! Good luck. Have fun and share our quiz with your peers!

Out-of-School time | Friday, May 4

Star Wars Day: 3 Ways to Incorporate Star Wars Into Your Engineering Activities

It may not surprise you to learn that there are a few Star Wars fans on the EiE staff. We wanted to celebrate Star Wars Day EiE style, so we started brainstorming the ways in which our units connect with the Star Wars universe. It goes beyond rockets and rovers: the Star Wars films feature levitating devices and high-tech helmets, too! Star Wars scholars have written books about the scientific virtues of Star Wars, and no one can deny how much of a catalyst it is for STEM enthusiasts’ imaginations. It has inspired NASA engineers to chase their dreams, robotic engineers to design R2-D2-style robot companions, and Australian scientists to design holograms! If your class loves Star Wars as much as we do, they’ll love these out-of-this-world connections.

Professional Development | Tuesday, April 10

You're Invited: Upcoming PD Opportunities

One of EiE’s crowning achievements is our Professional Development(PD) program. Elementary educators who come into our workshops knowing almost nothing about engineering leave feeling like EiE experts. If you're looking to improve your teaching practice this spring, it's the perfect time to check out what EiE PD has to offer. Check out what's upcoming below and register today!

Saturday, December 23

‘Tis the Season for Engineering

The holiday season is the perfect time for cookie exchanges, snowball fights, and—of course—engineering! To get into the holiday spirit, we brainstormed ways to incorporate STEM into seasonal celebrations and came up with these three festive activities. It’s snow joke that this wintry mix isn’t exactly suitable for the classroom, but we hope the results of our festive brainstorming will help brighten a dreary winter day!

Tuesday, November 21

You'll Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Activities

This November, the EiE staff decided to take a quick break from daydreaming about mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie to brainstorm new units that would have young engineers designing revolutionary Thanksgiving technologies. Unfortunately, these engineering challenges weren’t quite ready for the prime time. We might need to stop brainstorming holiday ideas cold turkey! We hope you’ll get a kick out of these failed Thanksgiving units.

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