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Blog Roundup: Early Childhood Education

Posted by EiE Team on 5/2/17 11:00 AM

AH0A1750RAW_1 Students ED and YC.jpgWe are so excited about our upcoming early childhood curricula—and we know you are too! Every time we post an update, we hear an enthusiastic chorus of “That’s so exciting! When will it be available?” Both Wee Engineer and EiE for Kindergarten have tentative release dates of summer 2018. To tide you over until then, we compiled our most informative early childhood curriculum updates from the last few years to give you a comprehensive view of our process so far. Read on and make sure you visit the original posts to learn about the origins of our early education initiative and to read our favorite anecdote about smiley face erasers.

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Topics: Early Childhood STEM Education

On Location: Filming in the Classroom

Posted by EiE Team on 2/10/15 4:20 PM

Guest blogger Martha Davis is EiE’s multimedia project manager.

Over the past three years, with support from Cognizant, EiE has been developing an online library of short videos. This library includes a set of “EiE Classroom Videos,” which feature candid footage of skilled teachers facilitating the four lessons in an EiE unitvideo_team_2_10_15

To shoot these videos, I’ve been spending lots of time in elementary school classrooms. At first, it’s like visiting another country. There are new traditions and new words getting thrown around and you feel like an outsider. But after a couple of hours you’re in the swing of things and you’re absorbing some of this culture. After a day or two, you’re singing the songs and pulling out your lunch right along with all of the other kids in the class. Before you know it, you’ve adopted all of their classroom culture.

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