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Out-of-School time | Tuesday, April 17

Go Green this Summer with Recycled Racer Engineering

We know that budgets at afterschool programs, camps, and schools can be tight, which is why the materials needed to teach EiE’s engineering activities are “inexpensive by design.” Our curriculum designers try their best to require supplies that teachers can easily locate at their local craft or hardware stores. If you are short on time and looking for an inexpensive afterschool engineering activity with easy-to-source materials, don’t be discouragedGo Green: Engineering Recycled Racers, one of our Engineering Adventures units, is the perfect activity for you!

Out-of-School time | Monday, October 2

Four Free Activities to Help You Engineer the Perfect Summer

Engineering education doesn’t have to stop at the end of the school year! Educators all over the country are teaching our out-of-school-time curricula, Engineering Adventures (grades 3–5) and Engineering Everywhere (grades 6–8), in their summer programs. With 20 units available to download for free on our website, there’s an engineering topic to engage every young learner in your program. If you don’t know where to start, why not take some inspiration from the season? Check out these four summer-friendly out-of-school-time units and keep the engineering fun going all year long!

Out-of-School time | Thursday, April 20

Seven Superfun Eco-themed Engineering Activities

Happy Earth Day! Are you looking to incorporate some eco-themed activities into your afterschool or summer camp curriculum? Here are seven superfun curriculum units from EiE's afterschool programs Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere, all with a focus on protecting our planet! Lesson plans are FREE to download—just click the links below.

Out-of-School time | Monday, March 13

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Have you remembered to “spring forward" yet? If you were up very early on Sunday morning, you might’ve noticed the clock on your phone suddenly jumped an hour into the future—don’t forget to reset your watch, too! This leap marked the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, the period from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November when clocks are set one hour ahead of Standard Time. While the extra hour of sleep gained during the return in the fall to Standard Time is quite popular amongst night owls and college students, this biannual time adjustment is also responsible for plenty of headaches. One of the complications it creates is also an interesting engineering problem—how do you make sure everyone is “on time”?

Out-of-School time | Tuesday, February 14

3 New Real-World Connections for Afterschool Engineering

Here at EiE, we’ve found that kids are most engaged with engineering when they’re working on problems that connect to their own lives. That’s why we designed our out-of-school-time curricula, Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere, to guide them through the engineering design process as it applies to a real-world problem. We’ve already put together a list of additional real-world resources for each Engineering Adventures unit (Engineering Everywhere resources are under development!), but the EiE staff is always on the lookout for even more relevant content to help inspire your young engineers. Check out these compelling connections, share them with your kids, and show them that you can find engineering . . . everywhere!

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