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Climate Change and You

Posted by EiE Team on Thursday, February 24, 2022

Are you looking for resources to engage your students in the conversation about climate change? EiE® and the Museum of Science have partnered with leaders in industry, academia, and government to serve our community as a platform for public science learning. We’re proud to introduce all-new resources to help you and your students join the conversation about climate change, how the climate impacts us, and how we can best interact with our changing world. 

Support in-class and at-home learning online with all-new climate change lessons on our Learn.EiE platform. New videos, activities, discussion prompts, and more centered around climate change are now available for learners in grades 3–8. Sign up for this content and more today! 

  1. Go to Learn.EiE.org 
  2. Sign up to create an account or log in if you already have one. 
  3. Explore free content, including videos and activities!

For students in high school, make sure to check out MOS at School’s all-new program Climate Justice: For People and the Planet. During this live, expert-led session, students will explore the requirements for and hurdles to solving the climate crisis. Panelists will engage with attendees and explore how their unique experiences bring value and strength to the future of climate solutions. Register Today

If you are in the Boston area, visit the Museum to learn more about why our climate is changing and how it affects us. In the new exhibit, New England Climate Stories, you can explore live animal and natural history displays to learn more about how climate change is impacting the region’s plants and animals.

Also in the exhibit halls, you can explore Resilient Venice: Adapting to Climate Change. Step into an immersive 180° panoramic view of St. Mark’s Plaza and experience for yourself how the rising waters impact the city. Then test different strategies for protecting coastal cities and infrastructure in a digital and interactive table experience.

Encourage your students to become the change that we need to protect the planet. Visit Change Climate Change to learn more!

Written by EiE Team

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