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The New and Improved EiE Families!

Posted by EiE Team on Monday, July 11, 2022

 Research has shown that direct family involvement in learning has a significant impact on a student's academic achievement and future goals. That’s why we’ve created EiE Families! Designed for families with kids ages 4 to 11, our new online experience includes at-home and on-the-go activities to support learning wherever you are. Improved accessibility features on the site like interactive read-alouds, animations, and more make learning more engaging, and fun. EiE Families also offers detailed instructions to support educators in hosting their own community STEM event

At-Home Activities are designed for families or groups to complete at home using commonly found materials like cardboard boxes, pencils, or empty milk cartons. Each activity starts with a context-setting story in comic format that poses a real-world problem that needs to be solved. The activity then guides the family through the engineering design process to find a solution. Activities include: 

  • Bye, Bye Bug: Help Kenji and Emi engineer a solution to relocate a bug found in their bedroom!
  • A Story to Remember: Use sequencing skills to think of a story and then see how the story relates to the story Nur, Fitri, and Fakhri are trying to remember.EiE Families Activity Screen Shot
  • Sounds of Celebration: Help Purna and Ved engineer musical instruments to welcome their grandparents when they come to visit! 
  • Pass the Peppers: Help Makayla and her dad, Andre, engineer a solution to pass the peppers from their porch to Grandma’s. 
  • Turn It Up!: Help Bia and Cris engineer a solution to make the music from their grandfather Tiago’s cell phone louder! 
  • Keep It Watered: Help Luis and his mom, Guadelupe, engineer a solution to keep their tomato plants watered while they go away for a week! 

Only-the-Go Activities are inspired by classic games, like I Spy and Charades, and can be completed while riding in a car or bus, standing in line, or sitting at a table. In these activities the groups discuss what technology is and how technology affects our lives. Activities include:

  • I Spy Technologies: Make a trip to the store or laundromat more fun as you spot technologies all around you. 
  • Technology Categories: Think of as many technologies as you can to solve different problems, like cooking food or making light. 
  • Technology Deck: Use this deck of 52 technology cards to play seven different games. Use the printable version for a true card game experience or download the mobile version for your cell phone or tablet. 

Families and educators can also work together to organize a STEM event at school or in a community space. These events are designed for learners and their families to work on engineering challenges in a group setting. Download free resources that include everything needed to plan, announce, and host a successful event. 

This project was made possible by generous funding from Overdeck Family Foundation.

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Written by EiE Team

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