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Holiday STEM Learning and Fun!

Posted by EiE Team on Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Here at EiE®, we are honored to be a part of such an amazing community of educators and experts who have inspired students —and us all year long. As a thank you for your creativity, perseverance, and commitment during this challenging year, we’ve created this collection of fun, holiday-themed activities and videos to help you keep STEM learning in your hearts and classrooms this holiday season. 

----- Holiday Activities -----
Keep kids learning and engaged during the winter and holidays with fun, hands-on STEM and computer science activities.

Copy Like a Computer 
In this activity, students work with a partner to produce an exact copy of an image without seeing it, only following instructions like a computer would. The learning goal for this activity is understanding that computers need specific, explicit instructions. 

Split student into pairs and assign each pair a programmer and computer role. 

Have each programmer draw a picture of an object they think of during wintertime (snowmen, penguins, presents, etc.). Without showing the picture to their partner, the programmer will give instructions for how to copy the picture. The partner should follow the instructions like a computer – doing exactly what they are told to do, nothing more, nothing less.  

Ask: How did your copy turn out? How could you improve it? 
Have students witch roles and try giving more specific instructions.

Engineer a Countdown 
In this activity, students collaborate to engineer a technology that will help them count down to a new year. The learning goal for this activity is understanding that engineers build creative solutions to new and old problems. 

For students in middle school, watch this background video about engineering and time: https://youtu.be/ac8fYubvIKA 

For students in elementary school, show this background video about a chain-reaction sculpture at the Museum of Science: https://www.mos.org/mos-at-home/sparks-of-science/art-meets-science 

To celebrate the Gregorian New Year, people often countdown from ten. Have students design a technology that shows how long ten seconds is. Offer students a variety of craft materials to build their technology. Use the engineering design process as a suggestion for steps to follow. 

Ask: Does your technology show when ten seconds have gone by? How could you improve it to make a better new year celebration? 
Have students make improvements and continue testing their technology. 

----- Holiday Videos -----
Check out these free, fun holiday videos in English and Spanish to create an excitement for STEM!

What Happens When You Accelerate a Candy Cane to 300 MPH?

HubSpot Video
Disponible en español aquí 


The Power of Milk and Cookies 

HubSpot Video
Disponible en español aquí


“Carol of the Bells” on Tesla Coils 

HubSpot Video
Disponible en español aquí


Thanks for all you do!

Happy Holidays from your friends at EiE

Written by EiE Team

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