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The Impact & Importance of Family Engagement

Posted by EiE Team on Wednesday, September 28, 2022

At EiE, we know that families play an essential role in education, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and computer science. Check out these findings about the importance of family involvement and engagement in a child’s learning.

  • Research studies and practical experience have shown that children are more likely to engage in and get excited about STEM learning and see the value of STEM when their caregivers share positive attitudes about the topic as well.
  • Children are more likely to achieve in STEM fields when their caregivers are empowered in shaping their child’s STEM learning. 
    • While family engagement is important in all learning environments, caregivers who engage in informal programming outside of school are more likely to get involved in their children’s learning at home and in school, leading to more meaningful STEM learning and better outcomes for their children.
  • When out-of-school programs offer opportunities for families to engage directly in their children’s learning and development, parents, programs, and youth can all see benefits. 
    • In particular, families can see improvements in their communication with and understanding of their children; increases in their communication with teachers and involvement in school activities, including parent–teacher conferences and expanded opportunities to access and engage in learning experiences alongside their children.

Pro Tip: Looking for ways to get your students’ families or your own family involved in STEM learning outside a traditional classroom? Check out EiE Families, our new hub for family-centered STEM learning.

Written by EiE Team

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