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Inspiring Young Minds Through OST STEM Time

Posted by EiE Team on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Last month, Museum of Science, Boston & EiE’s Research & Evaluation Manager Chris San Antonio-Tunis, was part of an informational webinar: Inspiring Young Minds Through Out-of-School STEM. Gemma Lenowitz of Overdeck Family Foundation led our expert educator, as well as Nav Deol-Johnson of Imagine Science, Britt Magneson of National Inventors Hall of Fame® and Nick Monzi of Learn Fresh as they discussed why out-of-school STEM programs are so critical for both academic and social emotional learning

This Learning Loss Recovery Challenge webinar, co-sponsored by Overdeck Family Foundation, provided an overview of each organization’s respective programs. Focusing on these programs panelists explored how to tap into children’s innate curiosity, interests and passions, strengthen connections between school, family and afterschool; and promote problem-solving skills and collaboration. 

The presenters explained why STEM skills are important for all children, whether or not they plan to pursue a career in a STEM field, and described how the out-of-school context is particularly well-suited for STEM learning, explaining how their hands-on, collaborative programming offers benefits to classroom educators as well as students. They also shared the ways in which their programs shifted as a result of the pandemic, including innovations that they will incorporate into post-pandemic programming and unexpected benefits like increased access to rural communities.

For a link to the recording, please click here.

For more information about our resources, check out our OST programs and more below:

In addition, below are links to the resources and publications highlighted during this webinar.

Overdeck Family Foundation

Imagine Science

National Inventors Hall of Fame®

Learn Fresh

Other Resources Shared by Attendees

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