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Looking for Educational Funding Opportunities?

Posted by EiE Team on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Federal and private grants offer educators the opportunity to enrich their learners and their staff by providing crucial funding for new activities, curricula, materials and more. So whether you’re looking to finance new science textbooks or get new computers for the computer lab, we’ve gathered some funding opportunities to help. 


Federal Funding: 

Funds available from federal government resources

Title II, Part A: Supporting effective instruction and professional development

Title IV, Part A: Student support and academic enrichment  

Title V, Carl Perkins Act - Career and technical education

CARES Act: Education and technology during COVID-19

CRRSA Act: Learning loss and technology during COVID-19 

For statewide resources, visit your state’s Department of Education website.


Private Funding: 

Funds available from private companies and community groups

Dream BIG - Partner with us at EiE and the Museum of Science to find collaborative funding opportunities and early access to materials for your learners

Amgen Foundation - Science education 

Foundation for Rural Service - Community grant for education

Lockheed Martin - STEM education outreach 

National Science Foundation - STEM and computing 

Toyota Foundation - Science and education  

You may also find these links helpful: 

DonorsChoose is a crowdsourcing resource, drawing funding from a network of nationwide donors for any classroom need. You can find more education funding opportunities using the Directory of Community Foundations and find additional STEM-specific grant opportunities at STEMgrants.com.

This is a short list of the grant and funding opportunities available to educators. Each of the resources above can be used to support your classroom or organization needs, including professional development, in class or out of school time materials. 

Need help selecting standard-aligned EiE Engineering or Computer Science curricula with on-going professional development for your school, district, or state? Contact your regional representative to learn more!

Written by EiE Team

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