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Makes Our Computer Science Essentials™ Curriculum So Essential?

Posted by EiE Team on Thursday, April 1, 2021

At EiE, we know you need more than a basic curriculum to meet the diverse needs and interests of your students. That’s why we’ve developed our Computer Science Essentials units for grades 1-5. Bring together engineering, science, computer science and math with units specially designed for maximum impact.

These integrated lessons are based on more than just the latest CS trends. We’re committed to providing educators and their students with the best quality resources, with hands-on and integrated lessons and custom support for administrators. We know we’ll become an Essential part of your CS teaching, with values like:   

Beyond Just Coding - Student activities are thoughtfully designed to build sequentially through each unit, with a real-world context that grabs students’ attention. We believe Computer Science education must focus on computational thinking, not just code concepts. Our curriculum highlights computational skills and digital literacy to create the next generation of problem solvers, whether they go on to a CS career or any other field. Plus, framing CS in a problem-solving context makes learning more interesting and valuable to learners, especially students who are underrepresented in CS!

Research-Based Success - EiE has incorporated research, evaluation, and assessment into all aspects of curriculum design and testing from its inception over 15 years ago. A five-year-long study on the effectiveness of EiE curricula showed improved outcomes in both engineering and science. This proven approach to STEM instruction in the development of all of our products helps students from all backgrounds learn more effectively.  

Scaffolded Support - We love getting free resources, but they can lack full support for teachers. The educator resources built into each Computer Science Essentials unit include background information, step-by-step implementation guidance, and sample solutions so that educators can teach with confidence. We challenge and support teachers as they rethink their role in the classroom, transforming their instruction and student outcomes while meeting CS standards. 

Get a free lesson preview by clicking here, or click here for more information about how our program works, the flexible classroom solutions available for educators and a peek inside our current units!

Written by EiE Team

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