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Native American Heritage Month Resource RoundUp!

Posted by EiE Team on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

In honor of Native American Heritage Month this year, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite resources to support Native learners and educators. You’ll find ideas for making cross-curricular connections, STEM learning, technology innovation and more!

For building lessons: 

  • National Museum of the American Indian Native — With the Knowledge 360 Education Initiative, find cross-curricular approaches to teaching Indigenous history. Lessons such as “How Can a Road System be an Example of Innovation?” “American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges” and “Why Do the Foods We Eat Matter?” incorporate standards-aligned resources that go far beyond the traditional classroom view of Native peoples in the Americas. 
  • Native American Science Curriculum — The program, developed by a group of professors, provides lessons on environmental justice, indigenous research methods, and more.

For educator development: 

For families:  

  • Alaska Native Heritage Center — Watch the cultural center’s videos covering Alaskan Indigenous history, language and storytelling, including demonstrations of Native games and how to craft the traditional cutting tool known as a Uluaq.
  • Google's Celebrating Indigenous Languages Project — Meet Indigenous speakers and learn how they’re keeping their language alive. With thousands of Indigenous languages to learn about, your students can explore an interactive map, listen to greetings and watch videos recorded by Indigenous language speakers. 

For more resources, take a look at our list of cross-curricular connections to Native history. You can also find last year’s Native American Heritage Month posts on our blog, including statistics about Native Representation in STEM and Professional Development for Native Educators.

Written by EiE Team

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