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Spotlight: Kwame! Introducing #EngineeringAroundtheWorld

Posted by EiE Team on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Meet Kwame! Growing up in the Ghanian rainforest, Kwame and his father, an acoustical engineer, are studying the sounds and vibrations made by elephants. As Kwame, who is blind, comes to understand the way elephants communicate with each other, he gets an idea: using drums to signal his cousin in a village nearby! 

Join Kwame, his father and his cousin as they explore physical science and acoustical engineering principles in our digital storybook for grades 1-5!  


Kwame’s story is one of over two dozen stories from around the world highlighted in our Engineering is Elementary Digital Storybooks. The stories are designed with young learners in mind, with engaging characters and colorful illustrations -- in addition to amazing and diverse science, technology, engineering themes! 

The digital storybooks are available in English and Spanish downloads, with audio supports and adjustable font sizes and colors to ensure the book formats match your learner’s needs. And, with vocabulary support and corresponding manipulatives for many lessons, the storybooks are the ideal supplement to any science curriculum, OST, distance or at home learning. 

You can also bring the storybooks to life with Try It! Kits.  Each individually packaged kit includes all the materials needed for one child to complete the fun, mini design challenge, just like the character in the storybook!

Join Lief in Denmark as he learns about windmills with his cousin Dana, and imagine a trip to India to help Salila and her mother Ashok save turtles from pollution! Whether teaching face to face, hybrid, or virtually, EiE's Engineering Storybooks open up the world of STEM for all learners. With interactive features, educators can share the storybook with learners to pique their natural curiosity and get them thinking like engineers! 

For a limited time on social media, discover a new engineering storybook character beginning on Monday and explore an engineering challenge, their culture, and geographical regions throughout the week. Share your favorite stories with us on social media using the hashtag #EngineeringAroundtheWorld or in the comments down below! 

Written by EiE Team

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