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Early Childhood STEM Education | Wee Engineer | Preschool | Pre-K | Early Engineering | Wednesday, September 26

Creating an Engineering Design Process for the Preschool Classroom

Engineering = hands-on play in a framework

When our son was three, he would spend hours playing with wooden blocks, making a highway for toy cars, a pen for toy animals, or just the highest tower he could stack. We didn’t think of it this way, but he was engineering.

Early childhood educators have always recognized how building with blocks (and similar hands-on activities) help children develop motor skills while at the same time exercising their creativity. But these activities can also be framed as authentic engineering. That’s something the EiE curriculum team is working on right now: a framework for preschool engineering.

Want to see what a sample lesson from our preschool engineering curriculum Wee Engineer looks like? 

Download a Wee Engineer sample activity

Early Childhood STEM Education | Tuesday, December 6

Engineering is Perfect for K–5 Project-Based Learning

These students designed parachutes to land a space rover on another planet!

Check last month's education news and you'll notice third graders at a school in Cleveland designed a restaurant, middle schoolers in Cincinnati were tending beehives, and sixth graders in Michigan strategized about how to protect Earth from the damaging effects of solar flares. These somewhat offbeat activities are part of a wider trend to make project-based learning a fundamental aspect of the school day.

Early Childhood STEM Education | Tuesday, September 27

Guest Post: Kindergarten Design Workshop is EiE-Inspired!

What happens when you direct the energy and imagination of a kindergartener into the engineering design process? That’s the question my colleagues and I set out to answer last year at Kingsley Montessori School in Boston when we decided to develop a Kindergarten Engineering Design Workshop. One source of inspiration was the Engineering is Elementary curriculum.

Early Childhood STEM Education | Tuesday, July 26

Five Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at the NSTA STEM EXPO!

See you at the NSTA STEM Forum!
The National Science Teachers Association holds its annual STEM Forum and Expo later this week in Denver. A team from Engineering is Elementary will be there, and we’d love to see you. Find us at booth #527 in the exhibit hall, and check out five sessions featuring hands-on EiE in-school and afterschool activities. Review the list below and mark your calendar today!

Early Childhood STEM Education | Tuesday, June 7

“LinkEngineering” Connects K-12 Engineering Educators

Have you been charged with integrating engineering into the curriculum at your school or afterschool program? Are you wondering how the heck that will work? Help is at hand.

When the Next Generation Science Standards were first released in 2013, the National Academy of Engineering quickly recognized that many educators could use some support addressing the new expectations around engineering education. The Academy mustered a committee of prominent K-12 engineering educators (including EiE’s founder and director, Dr. Christine Cunningham) to brainstorm a solution, sought input from teachers across the country, and, a little less than a year ago, launched LinkEngineering, a new website that’s expressly designed to help educators start teaching engineering.

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