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EiE Teaching Tips | EiE Research Results | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Computer Science | Thursday, April 1

Makes Our Computer Science Essentials™ Curriculum So Essential?

At EiE, we know you need more than a basic curriculum to meet the diverse needs and interests of your students. That’s why we’ve developed our Computer Science Essentials units for grades 1-5. Bring together engineering, science, computer science and math with units specially designed for maximum impact.

Assessment | EiE Teaching Tips | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Computer Science | Tuesday, March 30

What Does Computer Science Success Look Like?

As educators, we’re always looking for ways to measure our learners’ success beyond test scores. In Computer Science, it can be especially difficult to differentiate between students just using computers and students actually understanding fundamental concepts. When you evaluate your students’ CS proficiency, remember to take these things into consideration:

Engineering Habits of Mind | EiE Teaching Tips | Professional Development | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Friday, March 19

Are You Ready to Become an EiE Ambassador?

We’re thrilled to bring you a new way to connect with us —become an EiE Ambassador! 

The EiE Ambassador Program is a collaborative community of passionate people who care about STEM education. We are a diverse, international group that includes educators at all levels as well as administrators and district staff who wish to connect with and support one another as we enrich our knowledge and application of STEM, engineering, computer science pedagogy and instructional practices.

EiE Resources for Teachers | EiE Teaching Tips | Engineering for All | Engineering is Elementary | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Thursday, March 4

Top Three Ways to Keep Young Learners Engaged in Your Virtual Classes

As we approach a full year of virtual and hybrid learning, Zoom fatigue has set in -- for us as educators, but especially for our students. Navigating the ongoing meetings and staying  organized online can be challenging for the best of us, and many young learners have had a particularly rough time in hybrid classrooms.

EiE Teaching Tips | Engineering is Elementary | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Black History Month | Thursday, February 25

EWeek2021: Celebrate ‘Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day’ with These 3 Names to Know!

We’re excited to continue celebrating Engineering Week with you! This year’s theme is Imagining Tomorrow. COVID-19 laid bare the critical work of engineers in creating a world safe from pandemics, climate change, cyber-attacks and other daunting global challenges. Inspired by these challenges, this year’s celebration focuses on the future and sets our sights on a more just, equitable and diverse community of engineering professionals to address the world’s needs. And, since the celebration falls within Black History month, there are additional opportunities to bring to light the often overlooked contributions to the field of engineering that have been made by Black innovators over the years.

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