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EiE Teaching Tips | Thursday, March 3

Ask EiE: Can I Omit the Improve Step?

Q: When my students work on an engineering design challenge, do they HAVE to do the "Improve" step? It takes extra time, and I feel like they've already learned what they need to know from their first designs.

A: Please don't skip the "Improve" step! That's when crucial learning happens.

EiE Teaching Tips | Thursday, April 26

Resources for Crosscurricular Integration

If you’re interested in learning more about crosscurricular integration, we have a plethora of resources available on our website and in our blog. Here are a few resources to help you integrate engineering into other subject areas.

EiE Teaching Tips | Thursday, November 17

Resources for K-5 Engineering Are Just a Click Away!

Your EiE Teacher Guide offers more than just lesson plans; it has teaching tips, assessment, and other useful extras. Did you know the EiE website is also packed with handy resources that help you teach elementary engineering? With our latest web redesign, these helpful teaching tools are more find-able than ever! Just click the “EiE Resources” tab and let us take you on a tour . . .

EiE Teaching Tips | Wednesday, October 12

The EiE Customer Service Team’s Top 5 Questions

If you’ve ever called or emailed EiE, you’ve had the pleasure of speaking to our customer service team. Our customer service representatives have an encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of EiE, from big-picture ideas about unit implementation to the minutia of magnet sizes. They’re always happy to offer a helping hand and share their infinite wisdom—and today, we’re sharing some of it with you. Here are five of the most frequently asked EiE questions, according to the people who know all the answers!

EiE Teaching Tips | Thursday, July 7

Make Connections Across the Curriculum with EiE Extension Lessons!

Every Thursday the EiE blog brings you tips and resources to help you teach elementary engineering.

Engineering parachutes? Boost math learning with EiE extension lessons.

Some educators think of extension lessons as a convenient and educational way to fill a few minutes when your students finish work ahead of schedule. But they're much more than that! Well-designed extension lessons

  • make connections between the topic you're teaching and other subject areas,
  • help students explore a topic more
    deeply, and
  • provide extra support for students who need to strengthen their skills.

Did you know that Engineering is Elementary offers a large collection of extension lessons? We have hundreds of engaging short lessons, all designed by K-5 classroom teachers and expert curriculum developers so that they integrate perfectly in your engineering classroom.

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