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Try It! Kits for the students of Worcester Public Schools

Posted by EiE Team on Wednesday, February 9, 2022

With National Grid’s support, we’ve partnered with charities, outreach groups and school districts to provide engaging, hands-on STEM learning kits to children across the metro region. With their help, we’re thrilled to bring our at-home engineering activities to young learners and their families across Massachusetts, including a number of students in grades K-6 who go to school at Columbus Park Elementary School in Worcester. 

“As an instructional coach, I am always looking for ways to reach out to our school community, By receiving the EIE Try It! Kits, it pathed a way for the opportunity to make this happen. Families are always looking for easy ways to engage with learning opportunities to help support learning at home,” said Lisa Carignan, the Focus Instructional coach at K-6 school in Columbus Park School in Worcester. “Having these kits made it happen, and brought the connection between home and school. I was able to capture what happened at home and share it through social media outlets and school newsletters. This had a positive impact and made others aware of the joy and learning with a STEM activity.”

Source: @columbus_park75“(The students) loved testing, creating, predicting, and making adjustments as needed. Students shared their experiences with each other through text messaging during the break. It brought connections for our older students with peers,” Carignan said. “(And their families) had the opportunity to work with their child on a fun engaging learning project.”

About 200 gifted kits to Worcester Schools were distributed by teachers to students with the directions and a letter from EIE.

“Educators at different grade levels loved the STEM activities geared towards their grade level. We had the windmill and the sink or float,”  Carignan said. “Our staff will have the materials right at their fingertips to create a  STEM activity. As their coach, I know having the materials and directions teachers for teachers is so helpful.”

We’ll share more about the recipients of National Grid’s generous donation soon. Keep an eye on the blog for more of their stories, and other resources!

Written by EiE Team

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