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What This Google and Gallup Study Says About CS Education

Posted by EiE Team on Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Current Perspectives and Continuing Challenges in Computer Science Education study published by Google and Gallup shows us some interesting trends about computer science education. The results include interviews with more than 7,000 participants, including students in grades 7 through 12, parents and guardians of students in grades 7 through 12, teachers, principals and superintendents across the U.S.

While it is encouraging that the study shows there has been progress toward CS equity since 2016, some of the most pervasive gaps remain as of the most recent study from 2020. All surveys took place online from late January through early March 2020.

About four in 10 students (38%) are at least somewhat interested in learning computer science, but interest is substantially less common among girls (25%) than boys (50%).

Parents and guardians of boys are more eager to have their child pursue a career in CS (42%) than parents and guardians of girls (27%).

49% of boys think Computer Science is important for them to learn, but only 31% of girls do. 

32% of public school teachers and 43% of principals say they are committed to offering computer science in schools.

But, the research also shows us a path forward.

50% of white students say their schools offer computer science, compared to 46% of Black and Hispanic students. 70% of white students have learned CS, compared to 65-66% for Black and Hispanic students.

Nearly six in 10 superintendents (58%) strongly agree or agree that computer science is currently a top priority in their districts. 

Nearly one in four students (23%) expects to pursue a job in computer science someday. 

If girls and boys report that they spend at least an hour a week studying computer science at school, they are both more likely to say that learning computer science is important. The same is true for white, Black and Hispanic students.

You can read more of the Google and Gallup study here.

And, if you’re looking for hands-on CS activities and curricula to support your learners’ interest in CS,explore Computer Science Essentials.


Written by EiE Team

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