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Exploring an Engineering Career with the Engineering Design Workshop: Powered by MathWorks

Posted by EiE Team on Friday, May 21, 2021

Ever wondered what kind of career your learners could pursue with an engineering education? Has your student demonstrated skills with problem solving and creative thinking? It might be time to visit our newest exhibit at the Museum of Science!

Engineering Design Workshop: Powered by MathWorks is a new hands-on engineering and computer science exhibition for families and children. Think like an engineer as you design, build, and test different solutions at design labs like Sift & Sort and Dive & Splash. The gallery will have special experiences for young learners, stories from inspiring engineers, and a new permanent home for the Design Challenges program.

Budding engineers can practice developing their core skills in two young learner zones. Fast forward and our Engineering Stories vignettes show how people from a wide range of fields use engineering to address complex problems.

Explore careers in health engineering, like Heather Reavey and Gaurav Rohatgi, who created a health device called the Omnipod for people with diabetes to have a smoother, more convenient way to test their blood sugar. 

Or, learn from Emily Rogers, Seong Ho Yeon and Jim Ewing, who created a new prosthesis using sports science and health engineering skills, which allows for rock climbing and more mobility for amputees. 

Plus, get insight on using engineering for helping the environment with science teacher Chris Stark, who designed a way to crush old apples to make cider, reducing waste! 

This newest Museum experience blends the creativity of hands-on engineering with state-of-the-art tools and data analysis delivered by MATLAB, the flagship product of MathWorks. For more than twenty years, MathWorks has partnered with the Museum to demonstrate the power of STEM to solve problems and make the world a better place. Get tickets by clicking here — we look forward to seeing you soon! 

Written by EiE Team

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