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Happy Latinx Heritage Month!

Posted by EiE Team on Monday, October 5, 2020

We’re excited to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month! From now until October 15, we will be highlighting the incredible culture of Latin America with a focus on STEM innovations and achievements from these 20 nations. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Latinx Heritage Month started more than 50 years ago, when President Lyndon Johnson launched Proclamation 3869 and established a week-long celebration of American citizens of Hispanic origin. Since then, the event has grown to over a month of festivities, honoring the contributions and histories of Latin American countries. 

This month, we’re excited to bring you lots of exciting lessons, live events, design challenges and podcasts to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, including:

Every Thursday at noon, we have a live science lesson in Spanish, hosted by our team at the Museum of Science en Español! We’ll explore the planetarium, live animal lessons and dig into computer science with the movie Coco. Click here to find these live events in English and Spanish

STEM challenges for educators and parents to complete with their learners, like learning to build your own nest! Click here to join the activities!

New episodes of our podcast, Pulsar, with transcriptions available in Spanish and English, on exciting topics like exploring space, if woodpeckers get headaches and digging up dinosaurs! 

Exclusive interviews with Latinx STEM innovators and our Museum of Science en Español team, on our Facebook and blog

Plus, check out these great resources for learning more about organizations working to promote Latinx excellence in STEM! 

Latinas in STEM

Latino STEM Alliance

Latino STEM Association

• Lathisms

• Technolochicas 

Todos Math

• Unidos US

How are you planning to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments down below! Or, tag us on Twitter or Facebook using #EiELatinx

Written by EiE Team

Topics: Engineering for All, Engineering is Elementary

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