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EiE Resources to Promote Social Emotional Learning

Posted by EiE Team on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

At EiE® we are committed to supporting the entire learning process, from the academic subject itself to the emotional skills needed to prepare students for the world ahead of them.

All of our activities and lessons combine computer science and engineering skills with social emotional learning. This combination helps students reflect on their interactions with the world around them and the consequences of those interactions. EiE’s own Habits of Mind support social emotional learning and enable educators to more easily integrate STEM concepts into their classrooms.

Here are a few of our favorite resources to help you promote Social Emotional Learning: 

Blog posts to read: 

How our Habits of Mind Bolster Social Emotional Learning

Integrating Engineering and Computer Science with the EiE Habits of Mind

Using Habits of Mind in the Classroom 

Activities to enjoy: 

Digital Storybooks and Try It! Kits — Each title in this collection features an engineering field, a science strand, and interesting characters from around the world that pique children’s natural curiosity and get them thinking like engineers.

EiE Families Activities — These activities help both adults and children build their confidence, collaborative problem-solving skills, and understanding of STEM disciplines. 

Products to explore: 

Wee Engineer — Wee Engineer’s fun, engaging activities capture young childrens’ natural curiosity, while strengthening problem solving and social emotional skills, starting at age 3. 

EiE for Kindergarten — Students build social emotional skills and become creative problem-solvers as they work through challenges with a structured, five-step Engineering Design Process.

How do you encourage SEL skills while teaching engineering and CS? We’d love to hear your solutions in the comments below!

Written by EiE Team

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