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Show Students Computer Science is Everywhere with #CSEdWeek!

Posted by Brianna Wilkinson on Monday, November 29, 2021

Computer science has become incredibly important in our daily lives, but its impact can sometimes be invisible. This year, Computer Science Education Week is shining a light on these impacts with its theme of #CSEverywhere. 

Computer Science Education Week is an annual call to action for educators and families working to inspire the next generations of K-12 students about computer science. The goals of the week include advocating for equity in computer science education and celebrating the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field. 

What can you do to bring CS Ed Week to your classroom? 

Computer scientists are problem solvers who help their communities in lots of ways. These posters from the Computer Science Teachers Association show students that computer scientists work on all kinds of things in all kinds of places:  

• Your jeans 
• Your speech 
• Your games 
• In a coffee shop 
• In a car 
• Even in space 

Excite learners about future careers in engineering and computer science with Careers for Engineers, an aptitude-style test, created with Dell Technologies! Designed to find out what type of problem solver they might want to be, Careers for Engineers provides opportunity to learn more about what computer scientists and engineers do. Includes beautifully designed posters and additional learning facts to extend the excitement and engagement. 

As you find ways to introduce computer science into your classroom, remember that every bit makes a difference. The latest research from Google and Gallup shows that students who spent one hour per week are more likely to say that learning computer science is important. 

Join us at the Museum of Science on December 11th and 12th to try out hands-on computer science activities and exhibits, build your computational thinking skills, and get new ideas for how to bring CS back to your classroom. Or join in remotely with more hands-on activities and other ways to celebrate CS Ed Week here. 

Written by Brianna Wilkinson

Topics: Out-of-School time, Engineering Everywhere, Computer Science

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