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Summer STEM Fun for the Whole Family!

Posted by Annie Whitehouse on Monday, July 31, 2017

EIE 2015 JR_1105 resized.jpgSummer time is STEM time! Out-of-school-time educators can use our OST curricula, Engineering Everywhere and Engineering Adventures, in their summer programs—and parents can have a blast with STEM activities this summer, too! The EiE team can’t overstate the value of continuing to engage children in STEM activities when school isn’t in session. Check out some cool resources we found from parents, educators, and engineering enthusiasts to keep the STEM fun going all year long!

  1. Make the most of a sunny summer day with DIY 3D tensile bubble wands. You can introduce your engineers to tensile structures while making unique bubble shapes with this fun free resource from Babble Dabble Do.
  2. The Summer STEM Olympics are a fun set of summer-friendly challenges from Plans for a Better Tomorrow, an education blog written by a former elementary classroom teacher! Using inexpensive materials, lead your young engineer through engaging STEM activities like creating a waterproof phone case and insulating a chocolate bar to keep it from melting!
  3. Ready for launch? This spoon catapult project from Go Science Girls combines plastic spoons, craft sticks, and elastics to create an engaging STEM activity that can go the distance! With suggested data collection methods for a variety of age groups, this activity will be a smash hit for engineers aged 3-9.
  4. This list of 16 water-themed activities from Kids Craft Room is sure to make a splash with kids of all ages! From LEGO boats and water wheels to bubble snakes and water xylophones, you’ll find the perfect activity to help your young engineers cool down on a hot summer day.
  5. Save this list for a rainy day! Edutopia compiled an inspirational book list featuring strong female leads that are “passionate about STEM fields” with recommendations at elementary, middle, and high school reading levels.
  6. Can you hear me now? In another fun activity from Babble Dabble Do, young engineers are challenged to create a voicepipe with plastic tubing and funnels! Not only is this technology fun to create and use, Babble Dabble Do blogger Ana provides information about the science of sound so you can give context to your young engineers as they design.
  7. Even your youngest engineers can get in on the summer STEM fun with this resource from ZERO TO THREE. We love their suggestion to incorporate STEM learning into everyday play! Check out their STEM video series to learn more about how parents and caregivers can spark a lifelong interest in STEM at an early age.

Do you have favorite STEM activities that engage your young engineers during their summer vacation? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Written by Annie Whitehouse

Annie Whitehouse is a Marketing Specialist at EiE.

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