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Surprise! Announcing Three New Engineering Adventures Units

Posted by Annie Whitehouse on Monday, April 3, 2017

dinoDNA.jpgUPDATE: Happy April Fools' Day! We hope you enjoyed our joke this year. If this got you thinking about OST engineering, check out our real Engineering Adventures units!

Here at EiE, we’re always innovating exciting new ways to teach engineering to kids of all ages. Spring is a time of renewal. So we decided it was the perfect time to think outside the box and expand our units to subjects that today’s kids really care about—pressing issues like the containment of prehistoric beasts, ghost population control, and the sustainable development of time traveling devices. Read on to learn more about our three newest Engineering Adventures units!

Where We’re Engineering, We Don’t Need Roads!

Futures So Bright - resized.jpgEngineering Adventures’ India and Jacob have been all over the world and even to outer space. In My Future’s so Bright: Engineering a Time Machine, they’re ready for their next destination: the future! The Duo engineered a time machine to bring them two years in the future, but due to an error in their calculations, they ended up in the year 3000. Oh, no! Kids will help India and Jacob engineer a new flux capacitor so they can get back to the present before they cause a ripple that permanently alters the space-time continuum. Simple prep activities like Quantum Mechanics Trivia and Time-Travel Ethics will get your kids ready for the final design challenge!

NOTE: Due to shipping costs, plutonium is not included in the materials kit. Check your local craft store!

Engineering . . . Finds a Way

Prehistoric Panic - resized.jpgFollow India and Jacob to a remote island off the coast of Costa Rica in our new Engineering Adventures unit, Prehistoric Paddocks: Designing a Containment System. The Duo’s friend, a wealthy businessman who wants to open an amusement park on the island, needs your kids’ help to create a system that will keep his animals away from each other—and from park guests! The park’s owner appears in the unit’s context-setting video to provide background information about the animals that will be living inside of the paddocks they’ll be engineering. He’ll discuss cloning and show how the DNA information for his mysterious prehistoric creatures was taken from fossilized amber—enough amber is included in each materials kit for the entire class! What could possibly go wrong?

When There’s Something Weird, and It Don’t Look Good . . .

Proton Pack Panic - resized.jpgIf there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? India and Jacob, of course! In Proton Pack Panic: Engineering Ghost Traps, your kids will join the Duo in New York City as they work to help a scrappy team of scientists engineer a better way to trap the vengeful spirits that are haunting the city streets. The unlikely group of heroes needs to earn the respect of the mayor and the entire city, and it all rides on the success of these traps, so no pressure! The materials kit includes enough model slime and marshmallows to create your own villains (Transdimensional Portal not included or recommended).

If you haven’t guessed already . . . Happy April Fools’ Day!

Written by Annie Whitehouse

Annie Whitehouse is a Marketing Specialist at EiE.

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