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Teacher Appreciation Week

Posted by Cynthia Berger on Thursday, May 5, 2016

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week! Personally, I‘m sending retrospective appreciation to my mom, a first-grade teacher who made a big difference to lots of kids. Back in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, Mom taught at a Title I school in Massachusetts . . .  where she was considered a renegade for insisting that science be an important part of the school day. Her students grew seedlings, hatched baby chicks, and engineered a lunar lander from a refrigerator box. 

We Can’t Do It Without You!

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Engineering is Elementary didn’t exist back when my mom was teaching, but she would have loved it. Here at EiE, we’re taking the opportunity during Teacher Appreciation Week to express our gratitude to ALL the teachers like my mom—innovative, energetic committed to STEM education. You have been instrumental in helping us take EiE from an idea on paper to the most widely used elementary engineering curriculum today.

Literally hundreds of teachers and afterschool educators have been instrumental to our project’s success. You have pilot tested our elementary curriculum units, pilot tested our afterschool curricula, opened your classrooms to our video team, reviewed our video productions, shared innovative strategies at EiE symposia, facilitated EiE workshops, and collaborated with us in so many other ways.  

Who knows better the challenges, opportunities, and constraints in an elementary classroom than each of you? Your wisdom and generosity have helped make EiE successful, and we are so grateful.

Teachers Deserve More Than an Apple

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I’ve told you about my mom, who not only inspired her students, she inspired me to pursue a career in science. Almost everyone has a story about a teacher who gave much-needed encouragement, opened the door to new opportunities, or saw potential that others missed. What teacher sparked YOUR interest in science or engineering? In elementary teaching? We hope you’ll share your story!

And while you do, why not also reach out to thank that teacher? The National Education Association (NEA) and National PTA suggest that you do it on Twitter. Use the hashtag #ThankATeacher.

For an even bigger impact, consider a gift card to an office supply store, so your teacher can stock up on much needed supplies. Or how about a contribution to DonorsChoose, the website that lets anyone give to a classroom in need? That would REALLY make some  teacher’s day!

Engineering is Elementary is a project of the National Center for Technological Literacy® at the Museum of Science, Boston.

Written by Cynthia Berger

Topics: Early Childhood STEM Education

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