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EiE Teaching Tips | Implementing EiE | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Computer Science | EiE for Families | Thursday, May 20

Supporting Students’ Social Emotional Needs During the Return to School In Person

As our students continue to return to their classrooms, educators everywhere are reporting that their learners are experiencing anxiety, have trouble concentrating and are struggling with their work. Supporting learners’ social emotional needs has always been important but, after the disjointed last year, the need to tune in to these elements of their education is all the more essential.

EiE Teaching Tips | Implementing EiE | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Computer Science | EiE for Families | Monday, May 17

7 Research-Based Classroom Strategies for Teaching Computer Science (CS)

Research-backed strategies for teaching CS: 

1. Provide visuals. Support student understanding with visual examples, instructions, and explanations. Start with lots of scaffolding, and gradually remove it as students progress.  

→ Classroom Application: Download EiE’s free Coding Block Reference Sheet for Scratch Use this visual resource to support all students, especially English Language Learners, as they solve problems, collaborate, and learn new CS vocabulary. 

Engineering for All | Digital Storybooks | Funding | Early Engineering | Engineering is Elementary | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Engineering Activities | Virtual Learning | EiE for Families | Tuesday, December 1

8 Things We’re Grateful for this Year!

This year has been a whirlwind and, as we approach year end, many of us at EiE and the Museum of Science are reflecting on what 2020 has brought us. While no one could have prepared for the far-reaching impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic, we are touched by the ways our community has adapted and responded to such an uncertain time.

Engineering and English Language Arts | Early Childhood STEM Education | Engineering for All | EiE for Families | Monday, October 5

What We're Watching - and Reading! This Latinx Heritage Month

For Latinx Heritage Month, we’ve put together a list of our favorite books and movies that highlight stories of people from Latin American countries - from Mexico to Argentina, and beyond. There are so many important stories to be told this month, so here are our family favorites that feature education and STEM-specific themes:

Computer Science | Virtual Learning | EiE for Families | Thursday, October 1

How to Bring Computer Science and Coding Home

With Computer Science now a regular part of our everyday life, we’re seeing more and more resources for learners of all ages to begin learning CS and code basics from home. 

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