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Engineering for All | Create a Generation of Problem Solvers | Engineering Activities | STEM Implementation | Virtual Learning | Museum of Science | MOS at School | Climate Change | Thursday, February 24

Climate Change and You

Are you looking for resources to engage your students in the conversation about climate change? EiE® and the Museum of Science have partnered with leaders in industry, academia, and government to serve our community as a platform for public science learning. We’re proud to introduce all-new resources to help you and your students join the conversation about climate change, how the climate impacts us, and how we can best interact with our changing world. 

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Summer STEM Solutions with EiE

It is never too early to start thinking about summer! This year, you can inspire excitement and curiosity for STEM with programs from EiE that get kids thinking – and acting – like engineers. 

EiE Resources for Teachers | Classroom Organization | EiE Teaching Tips | Engineering for All | MOS at School | Thursday, January 6

Happy 2022! How Can We Help This Year?

Happy 2022, EiE friends and family! As we gear up for another exciting year, we'd love to know what topics, activities and lessons you think will be most helpful for your classrooms, learners and other educators this year. 

Out-of-School time | EiE Research Results | Implementing EiE | Professional Development | Engineering for All | Engineering is Elementary | Engineering Design Process | MOS at School | Social Emotional Learning | Tuesday, December 28

Top EiE Resources from 2021!

As we approach year end, we’re reflecting on the resources we created in 2021 to further our mission of supporting STEM learning and looking to the future for the next hot topics in science, technology, engineering and math. 

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